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This is subject to change, but I think I've finalized the chapter titles of the chapters in Cage of Eterntity.
I shall abandon them here for you to speculate upon and form theories about.
They may be subject to change.

0: Prologue
1: Shadow Thief and Sleeping Dragon
2: To Catch a Thief
3: Team Void
4: Regrets and Hopes
5: Closer
6: Lamenta
7: Slow Recovery
8: The First Voyage
9: Trust No One
10: Trust Me
11: The Dark Secret
12: Voices of Life
13: Only Once and Nothing More
14: Breakthrough
15: Web of Time
16: Thermopylae
17: Cloudburst
18: Epilogue

I'm also trying to come up with a playlist of songs I think fit certain characters.
...So we'll see how that goes.
Anyways! I have stashed several references in the chapter titles. You can try to find them all. Or just debate over what you think will happen. Your choice.

...Why am I posting this? BECAUSE I'M BORED
Affiliations and cameos still open, etc. etc., bye~

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